4 Siswa Terpopuler dan Alat Bantu Siswa Khusus

4 Most Popular Student and Student Special Applications

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There are many things you can do to get good grades when studying at school or on campus. One of them is to take advantage of technological advances to find out the latest information about the classes you are studying. You already have a lot of knowledge. Very helpful.

Success can be found where there is a will to learn. Well, here’s a summary of what lazerliztattoo.com was trying to create in the Editor’s Choice application on the Google Play Store. 4 student apps This is very useful when you have trouble performing tasks and have difficulty concentrating.

One example would be to have a discussion of material based on math, science, social sciences, biology, physics, or any other topic, and then work on examples of questions that will come up on grades after solving problems. What’s even better is that every question you ask has very clear answers and discussions. Basically, it’s really good for students and students who don’t like to learn to read books themselves. So let’s go straight to our educational application 1 by 1.

4 Most Updated Educational Applications

Ruangguru – Online Tutoring

raunguru apk smp

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Main Features:

  • Online Learning Tutorials Module Videos: Using Exercises, Private Lessons and Exams in One Application
  • ‘Squad Luanguru’ feature allows you to share notes with other users
  • Find a tutor or ask a question using Ruanglesonline’s live chat feature.

Ruangguru is an online learning tutorial number. 1 IN INDONESIA The most complete solution in one application!

Starting with study videos, practice questions, private lessons and exams, you can access them all via your smartphone in one application called Ruangguru. The content is offered at different levels from elementary, middle and high school according to the national curriculum, and is specially designed by teachers with the best experience and experience in Indonesia.


Google Android Socrates

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FMain Features:

  • Answer search engine for students: Just take a picture and you’ll see answers instantly.
  • Answers come from our team of educators and trusted sources like Khan Academy.
  • There are step-by-step math answers and concepts similar to questions.

Need help with a problem? The Socratic app can help. Take pictures of problems, math (algebra, calculus, statistics, graphics, etc.), science (chemistry, physics, life), history, English, and much more.

Other advanced features:

  1. Use your camera to connect with online references and master any subject.
  2. Find videos, step-by-step explanations, and more to pursue topics at your own pace.
  3. Socratic works with teachers and experts to introduce visual descriptions of each topic so you can explore the concepts behind the problem.
  4. Can be used with any topic. Currently covering algebra, geometry, trigonometry, life, chemistry, physics, history and literature. Other topics are coming soon!

class up

class app

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Main Features:

  • School and college students: share notes, assignments, and agendas, chat with classmates
  • Adding captions, photos or notes is as easy as using the fence function (#).
  • The appearance of the application for widgets can be personalized according to individual needs.

ClassUp helps students (universities, major colleges, schools) manage classes, take notes, track assignments, and communicate with classmates.

Quizlet: Learn Anything with Flashcards

Quizlet App

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Main Features:

  • Learn as you play: use cards to help you get things done
  • Create your own cards or use card sets created by other students in the Quizlet community.
  • Class modules can be moved to cards so you can study anywhere, anytime.

Quizlet is a student application that makes it easy to practice and understand what you learn. Create your own flashcards and learn or choose from millions of sets created by other students. It’s up to you! More than 50 million students study with Quizlet every month because Quizlet is the best learning app and flashcard for simple and effective learning of Languages, History, Vocabulary and Science. And it’s free!

With Quizlet you can:

  1. Test and test preparation in learn mode
  2. memorization test in writing mode
  3. Race against time in match games
  4. Give flashcards to friends, teachers or students.
  5. We scrutinize correctly pronounced readings in 18 languages.
  6. Enhance your learning materials with photo and audio options

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