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Best Qibla Directions App of 2022

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Many Muslims discuss the issue of Qibla direction. In fact we Muslims know that prayer is obligatory for Qibla, so the solution is to use the Qibla Directions application. This application is a solution to creating a right angle towards Mecca, which is often an obstacle, especially when you are in a prayer room or building without a mosque, or in the forest away from a mosque.

For those of you who often face this problem, you can try the compass application that can determine the exact Qibla direction, but your smartphone must already support the use of kompass before you can download this application. This is because some Android phones do not support it.

The most accurate online and offline Qibla direction app

In the past, you had to use a tool called a compass to check the correct Qibla direction, but in recent years, as the technology has advanced, various applications have appeared that make it easier to find the Qibla direction on your smartphone. This direction app can help you determine Qibla direction at any time by relying on the GPS function.

1. Muslim Pro

islamic pro qibla directionThis application also has prayer and recitation functions. You can get exact directions for Qibla and Mecca directions. Another function is the function to make a sound for prayer, and it is in a position to remind the prayer time by entering the prayer time in the area.

This app also features the Koran complete with recitation indicators. If you travel abroad, you can also find the nearest mosque and halal restaurant. To continue strengthening your faith, you can get 99 Asmaul Husna and beads from this application.

Download Muslim Pro

With this application, you can also send New Year’s cards to your relatives and family. It can be prepared later before Eid Al-Fitr.

2. Find Qibla Connect Directions Prayer, Azan, Quran

Qibla Connect Direction Finding Prayer

This application allows you to track the correct Qibla direction even if you do not have an internet connection at the time. You can manually enter your current location and the Qibla Connect app will always show you the correct Qibla orientation.

You can also get data on the prayer times you are in and you don’t want to miss out to build your prayers quickly. The application also features murotal Al-Quran and translations in various languages.

Download Qibla Connect

The Qiba Connect app also allows you to check your airway quality for weekly, monthly and yearly periods. Did you pray on time, or are you still often negligent? This app also helps you do better in terms of faith.

3. Kibla compass

qibla compass

For those of you who don’t want to miss prayer times and Qibla instructions, you should try this app too. You can use the Qibla Compass application anywhere in the world. You can also find out the distance from your current location to downtown Mecca. The appearance of this application can also be customized with 15 theme options.

Download QIBLA Compass

Qibla Compass also features sunrise and sunset as well as prayer times. Tired of the same prayers? This application also has several nagging to choose from. You can also see the exact Iftar schedule for the 2018 Ramadan period.

4. Qibla direction and prayer compass

Prayer Qibla Direction Compass

If you don’t want confusing applications, try this one country-made application. This application contains only 3 main features. As the name suggests, you can get Qibla directions for prayer when you are not in the mosque.

You can also check daily prayer times and sunset times. You will also receive a Hijri and Gregorian Islamic calendar to follow the Qibla direction and prayer compass application. At least we know when Eid al-Fitr is coming.