Alamat Kantor Wilayah dan Cabang BPJS Ketenagakerjaan SUMBARRIAU

BPJS Employment Regional Workplace and Department Deal with SUMBARRIAU

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Those that want data on the addresses of the BPJS employment places of work in Batam, Dumai Padang, Pekan Baru and surrounding cities can discover them straight beneath, discussing the listing of addresses and cellphone numbers of SUMBARRIAU’s regional places of work (Kanwil) and BPJS employment places of work.

SUMBARRIAU Regional Workplace (Kanwil) is situated in Medan Metropolis and has a number of branches throughout a number of cities akin to Batam Nagoya, Bukit Tinggi, Dumai, Duri, Padang, Pekanbaru Metropolis, Solok, Rengat and different cities.

BPJS Employment There are three regional places of work in Sumatra: South Sumatra Regional Workplace, Sumbagut Regional Workplace and West Sumatra Regional Workplace. Now, if you wish to get extra details about zoning, you may learn the article Listing of cities by district.

Having BPJS employment branches in a number of cities in Sumatra will definitely make the availability of companies simpler and promote the necessity for membership companies for employees and corporations (employers). So whenever you wish to declare your BPJS JHT stability or register as a BPJS employment participant, you may go on to the closest regional workplace/department.

Deal with of the BPJS Employment Regional Workplace in SUMBARRIAU

  • Deal with: Mega Asri Inexperienced Workplace Advanced A09-A12, Jl. Arifin Ahmad, Tengkerang Tengah, Kec. Marpoyan Damai, Pekanbaru Metropolis, Riau 28125
  • Cellphone: 0761-8415841
  • Fax: 0761-8415842
  • Google Maps Instructions: Click on Right here

Beneath is an inventory of addresses of BPJAMSOSTEK Regional Workplaces (Kanwil) in Indonesia.

Listing of addresses of BPJSTK branches of SUMBARRIAU regional places of work

Batam Nagoya
jl. Imam Bonsol, gd. graha nagoya mas lt.1 nagoya batam 29432 batam Island 29432, batam 29444, Tel: 0778-458324, Fax: 0778-452993

Batam Sekupang
jl Gajah Mada, Dream Block A1 no. 1-3, Tiban – Batam 29432, Batam 29422, Tel: 0778-7496442.7496443, Fax: 0778-7496441

excessive heel
jl Nawawi 05 Bukittingi, Bukittingi 26113, Tel: 0752-35199, 626590, FAX: 0752-33720

jl. Jen. Sudirman no. 131 dumai – riau, dumai 28992, Tel: 0765-36728, Fax: 0765-32794

jl. Java Quantity 4 Thorn 28784 – Riau, Bengkalis 28784, Tel: 0765-598133, 92187, Fax: 0765-92198

jl. veteran no. 47a padang, padang 25117, tel: 0751-22984, 22985, fax: 0751-22987

jl. Tengku Zinal Avidin 26 Pekanbaru 28112 – Riau, Pekanbaru 28142, Tel: 0761-33257, 37384, Fax: 0761-27035

Pekanbaru Panam
jl. hr soebrantas no. 41 ab Pekanbaru – Riau, Pekanbaru 28112, Tel: 0761-61707, 65116x, Fax: 0761-65121

jl. Sultan 68 Rengart, Kab. Indragiri Hulu Riau 293123, Rengat 29312, Tel: 0769-21168, Fax: 0769-21677

jl. syech kutut no. 72 cities solok – 27324, solok 27324, Tel: 0755-325692, Fax: 0755-20613

tanjung capsule
jl. engku daughter no. 3 tanjung pinang 29112 riau Islands, tanjung pinang 29112, Tel: 0771-315057, Fax: 0771-21929

Hours of Operation/Service, BPJS Rent The Disumatera workplace is open Monday-Friday from 08:00-17:00 (native time). Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (crimson dates) are closed (holidays).