Alamat Kantor Wilayah dan Cabang BPJS Ketenagakerjaan SUMBAGUT

BPJS Employment Regional Workplaces and Branches Handle SUMBAGUT

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The next is info on an inventory of addresses and cellphone numbers of regional workplaces (Kanwil) and BPJS employment factors in SUMBAGUT.

SUMBAGUT Regional Workplace (Kanwil) is situated in Medan Metropolis and has a number of branches in a number of cities equivalent to Banda Aceh, Binjai, Kisaran, Langsa, Lhokseumawe, Medan Metropolis, North Medan, Meulaboh, Padang Sidempuan, Pematang Siantar. , Tanjung Morawa.

It must also be famous that the next means: Sumba Good North Sumatra. Thus, this BPJS employment divides Sumatra’s three regional workplaces: South Sumatra Regional Workplace, Sumbagut Regional Workplace and West Sumatra Regional Workplace. Now, if you wish to get extra details about zoning, you possibly can learn the article Checklist of cities by district.

Having BPJS employment branches in a number of cities in Sumatra will definitely make the supply of providers simpler and promote the necessity for membership providers for staff and corporations (employers). So whenever you wish to declare your BPJS JHT stability or register as a BPJS employment participant, you possibly can go on to the closest regional workplace/department.

Handle of BPJS Employment Regional Workplace in SUMBAGUT

Beneath is an inventory of addresses and cellphone numbers of our regional workplaces (Kanwil) and BPJS employment factors within the SUMBAGUT area (North Sumatra).

  • Handle: Jl. Captain Patimura No. 334, Darat, Kec. Medan Bahru, Medan Metropolis, North Sumatra 20153
  • Tel: 061-4532818, 4536184
  • Fax: 061-4155037
  • Google Maps Instructions: Click on Right here

Beneath is an inventory of addresses of BPJAMSOSTEK Regional Workplaces (Kanwil) in Indonesia.

Checklist of addresses of BPJSTK branches of SUBBAGSEL regional workplaces

Banda Aceh
jl. sniffing. Dowd no. 152, po field 105, banda aceh 23126, Tel: 0651-23045, Fax: 0651-33551

bin zai
jl. Soekarno – Hatano. 469, km 18 east binjai, binjai 20731, Tel: 061-8820465, 8820466, Fax: 061-8829766

jl. Singamaraja No. 460, po field 11, vary 21214, Tel: 0623-43992,347136, Fax: 0623-41862

jl. ahmad yani gampong baro langsa lama, langsa 24416, Tel: 0641-21886, Fax: 0641-20628

jl. Director T. Hamza Finance Officer Mongdongsi Roxmawe 24351, Roxmawe 24351, Tel: (0645) 43635-45873, Fax: (0645) 43135

city topography
jl. Captain Fatimura 334F 1, Medan 20153, Tel: 061-4563158,4155674, Fax: 061-4564344,4147342

North Medan
jl. Marellan Raya 108 Marellan Subject, 20115 Subject, Tel: 061-6628841, Fax: 061-6628842

jl. Nationwide Mulabotap Paktuan km4, Mrbo, Mulabo 20611, tel: 0655-7551754, 755111

Padang Sidempuan
jl.imam bonjol no 34 kel.aek Tampakng, padang sidempuan 22726, tel: 0634-4320008,4320420, fax: 0634-7366791

Pematantian tar
jl Sakti Rubis 5, Pematang Siantar Metropolis 21116, Tel: 0622-22438, Fax: 0622-23265

Cape Morawa
jl. Raya Medan – Tanjung Morawa km 14.5, Lubuk Pakam 20362, Tel: 061-7941709, 7941882, Fax: 061-7941712

For working/service hours, the BPJS Hiring Disumatera workplace is open Monday – Friday 08:00 – 17:00 (native time). Saturdays and Sundays are closed (holidays).

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