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The latest Whatsapp Aero 2022 has turned out to be one of the most popular Whatsapp editing apps among young people, despite the developer releasing it last year.

Popular factors are premium features that you can use without a subscription, but they are free and very easy to use. Not only that, but the elegant, modern and minimalist look catches the eye of children.

The good thing about the latest whatsapp aero of other Whatsapp Mods is that they have an official site (official site) that looks very elegant.

Developer Bozkurt Hazarr turns out to be inspired by other WA mods like FM Whatsapp / Fuadmods. From there, the developers finally made whatsaero like an official application, despite being an illegal application without the official permission of WhatsApp.

Featured Whatsapp Aero

Latest excellent features of Whatsapp aero application

As quoted from the official website, the developer appears to have developed not only Whatsapp Aero, but also other products such as Insta Aero and Twitter Aero.

Not only that, but it has another plus that the user interface is very plain and it is a wa mod application that has the nicest appearance among other versions.

Performance isn’t bad either, as speed and accuracy have been tweaked to help keep things steady. In general, using the original application has its limitations. For example, WhatsApp Aero is sending you files of limited size which should solve this problem.

Whatsapp Aero / What are the advantages of this latest version of the WhatsApp application? See the following description.

Advantages of Whatsapp Aero Mod

  1. WA Aero has better security features than the original version. You can create a password in the form of a line pattern or PIN.
  2. Numerous privacy protection features including:
    • You can hide your online status from your WA contact list.
    • The forwarded message can be changed to a normal message marked as “normally forwarded”.
    • You can set who can make video calls.
    • Want to see other people’s stories or WA status? With this application, it is not detected that you have viewed the state.
    • You can check if your WA friend is online without opening your contacts.
    • It has the ability to disable microphone, recording and camera.
    • You can remove the “Inputting message” status.
  3. This latest Whatsapp Aero application has a very modern look and there are also many Aero Whatsapp themes available.
  4. There are many font variants to choose from and you can customize them with your theme.
  5. You can change the column and bottom chat in this application to be very reassured looking at this screen.
  6. Controls Last Viewed or Last Viewed Time in Profile View.
    Equipped with stickers and emojis that support a complete, independently editable aesthetic.
  7. Create WA Stories with video files up to 3 minutes long, so you don’t have to cut your video to create a longer story.
  8. The quality of the photos you can send is great. This is very different from the original WhatsApp, which instantly crops the quality of the transferred photos.
  9. You can send many photos with one click. You can send 30 photos at a time with the same quality as the original without reduction.
  10. You can send 700MB video files uncompressed by the server (so the video quality is still good).

Download the latest WhatsApp Aero

Below is the download link for the latest version of WhatsApp Aero 2022, the official WhatsApp for WhatsApp.

name Whatsapp Aero Mod APK
file size 69.96 MB
version WP Aero V9.27
update April 2022
Requirements Android 5+
developer Bozkurt Hajar
Official site:
download link WP_AERO_V9.27

WA aero download steps guide:

  • Click on the link above and then select the “Download” menu/button.
  • After that you have 2 choices. Click the “That’s it” button and want a modern icon or a classic icon (choose one).
  • Then there are 3 more packages you can install.
    • package: You do not need to uninstall the original WA application to install this package name.
    • com.wa package: The original WA application must be uninstalled to install this package name.
    • com.aerolla package: You do not need to uninstall the original WA app to install this package name.
  • Select the Com.wa package. (There is no obvious difference in the package names, but the most stable package name is the com.wa package name.)
  • Then simply scroll down and click the “Download Aero V9.27 version” button, you are free to choose the server where it will be saved.
  • However, you can also download it directly from mediafire.

How to update WhatsApp Aero?

important ! First of all, do not uninstall the WhatsApp Aero application currently installed on your device for an update. Install new updates yourself.

The way to update Whatsapp Aero is to visit the official website directly.

A complete description of the Whatsapp Aero application and a link to download the latest version of WP Aero.