BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Kantor Wilayah dan Alamat Cabang SUMBAGSEL

Handle of Regional Places of work and BPJS Employers SUMBAGSEL

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The next is data on a listing of addresses and telephone numbers of the regional workplaces (Kanwil) and BPJS employment factors in SUMBAGSEL.

There’s 1 regional workplace (Kanwil) situated in Jl on this space. Basqui Ramat, Palembang. It then has branches in a number of cities corresponding to Bandar Lampung, Bengkulu, Jambi, Central Lampung, Muara Enim, Muaro Bungo, Palembang and Pangkal Pinang.

It also needs to be famous that the next means: the donation It means South Sumatra. Thus, this BPJS employment divides Sumatra’s three regional workplaces: South Sumatra Regional Workplace, Sumbagut Regional Workplace and West Sumatra Regional Workplace. Now, if you wish to get extra details about zoning, you possibly can learn the article Checklist of cities by district.

Having BPJS employment branches in a number of cities in Sumatra will definitely make the availability of companies simpler and promote the necessity for membership companies for staff and corporations (employers). So whenever you need to declare your BPJS JHT steadiness or register as a BPJS employment participant, you possibly can go on to the closest regional workplace/department.

SUBBAGSEL’s BPJS Employment Regional Workplace Handle

The next is a listing of addresses and telephone numbers of the regional workplaces (Kanwil) and BPJS employment factors within the SUMBAGSEL area (South Sumatra).

  • Handle: Jalan Jendral Basuki Rachmat No. 1303 AB, Heroes, Kec. Kemuning, Palembang Metropolis, South Sumatra 30128
  • Tel: 0711-350309, 310763
  • Fax: 0711-350348
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Beneath is a listing of addresses of BPJAMSOSTEK Regional Places of work (Kanwil) in Indonesia.

Checklist of addresses of BPJSTK branches of SUBBAGSEL regional workplaces

Bandar Lampung
jl. drs warsito no 4 Teluk Betung b. Lampung, Bandar Lampung 35127, Tel: 486036, 486051, Fax: 486051

jl. blood. natadirdja no.8 km 7.5 rt. 06 rw. 02 Kel. Gedang Road kec. Gading Cempaka, Bengkulu Metropolis, Bengkulu 38225, Tel: 0736-20451, 343385, Fax: 0736-20007

jl. slamet riyadi/broni no. 16 kels. Solok Sippin Kek. Telai Pura Kota Jambi, Jambi 36121, Tel: 0741-61918, 63356, Fax: 0741-62737

Central Lampung
jl. Nation code 11 Kel. Yukumjaya district. Flying Huge Cap. Lampung Tenga, Lampung Tenga 35162, Tel: 0725-527567, Fax: 0724-26765

Muara Enim
jl. all. Sure No. 54b Kel. a market district. Hagu Enim Cop. muara enim, muara enim 31311, tel.: 0734-423300, 422301, fax: 0734-421821

Muaro Bungo
jl. basic sudirman km.0 muara Bungo, jambi 37314, Tel: 22295, Fax: 323016

jl. Normal Sudirman 131RT 30 rw. 08 Kel. 20 ilir i kec. ilir East 1 Palembang Metropolis, Palembang 30126, Tel: 0711-310017, Fax: 0711-362033

jl. Normal Sudirman 9RT 05 rw. 02 Kel. Gabek 1cc Gabek, Pangandaran Metropolis, Pangkal Pinang Metropolis 33117, Tel: 0717-431415, 431107, Fax: 0717-431216

For working/service hours, the BPJS Hiring Disumatera workplace is open Monday – Friday 08:00 – 17:00 (native time). Saturdays and Sundays are closed (holidays).

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