Mengenal Aplikasi Get Name yang Merupakan Hasil Adopsi

Learn about Get Name Application, the result of adoption

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viral Get the name app This is the result of adopting Get Contact. Previously, this application was popular because it was mentioned in movies and TV series. You can use the application to detect foreign numbers.

This is imitated by many people, especially women. The reason is to get a foreign number from the partner’s cell phone. Although the goal is not always to spy out of curiosity.

Also, this app is used for pranks. I would like to know what other people have named our number. Some results are fun, professional, and romantic. However, on rare occasions they give it a strange name.

It’s basically limited to what people know. However, be wise when naming this contact. Because people are free to use their devices.

Learn about applying for Get Name

Learn about applying for Get Name

You can see how your phone number is named on someone else’s device. On average, women do this to find a name on their partner’s cell phone. Or unique, interesting, commonplace on your friend’s device, or vice versa.

so what is it Do you want to get the name app? A digital facility that can track someone’s number. If you’ve used Get Contact before, you’re probably familiar with this feature.

Is this allowed? Its own use is for fun. There are no special rules limiting it, so as long as it’s used properly there’s no problem.

In addition to knowing the name of your personal number, it can also be used to track the owner. For example, your partner’s cell phone has an incoming number, a suspicious message, but no contact name.

You can use this app to find the owner. You can do it secretly without asking your partner directly. just install Get the name app to HP.

Anyway, if the contact owner has bad intentions, you can block them. Therefore, we will no longer be able to contact you or your partner in the future. This can be done for all suspicious anonymous contacts.

It is very easy to use as the functions are uncomplicated. First you need to have the app on your phone. You can download it to your Android device and you will need to have an internet connection ready to use it when downloading.

Easy way to download Get Name application

This app is a mod version of GetContact. So if I search on the play store, it’s not there. To stay installed, you must download it via a link shared through a trusted site.

You should look for relevant information first Get the name app Then read the reviews submitted via Google or other search engines and find it very interesting and profitable?

It is also important to ensure that the shared link is genuine. It is ready to use and does not take you to any menu other than for download purposes. There are also links like this, so you can’t even use them in the end.

version release date main function download link
Smartphone September 23-21
original app Contact identification Google Play Store
call blocker Apple Store
anti-spam Huawei App Gallery
mod version
Get Name App v.5.4.0 (Latest) September 23-21 Contact identification click here
call blocker

You just need to decide which download link provider you can trust and click on it. Then wait for a while for the application to fully download. Because it’s a mod, not a play store. Get the name app It cannot be opened immediately. First, follow the installation steps.

  1. Shortcut to settings

Make sure the file is downloaded and then go to the file manager first, so don’t open it right away. You will need to go to the Settings menu and find Personal Information to find unknown sources.

This is the installation step Get the name app That’s because it’s not coming from the Google Play Store, but from an external source. The same is true if you later download the digital platform from a free link on the Internet.

  1. installation

Enter the File Manager menu. Find the location of the downloaded file. Then click Install to start the installation. Wait for a while for it to install on your device.

After the icon or banner appears Get the name app It means installed. If it’s not gray, you can click to enter. Don’t forget to create a login ID before use.

Important Android application specifications to know

apk gets the name of android
Get Mod Apk Name for Android (Image: jalantikus)

The original version required a device with Android 5+ spec or higher. The latest version is better as it supports performance when using it. This original version has been downloaded over a million times.

It shows that his fans are increasing every time. It is also supported because it is easy to download. Many users share the link through their social media accounts and invite others to use it as well.

Because it is accurate, the higher the rating, the more people want to try it. Similar to the original version, Get the name app This mod is not very popular with Android users.

This mod version is the same as the original with at least Android 5+. The file size itself is very light at 43 MB. So it doesn’t take up a lot of memory space on your device, especially when not in use every time.

However, there may be restrictions on installation, so you should reduce the load on the device memory. Delete large files and applications that you no longer use.

Make sure you have an antivirus on your smartphone. Downloading files from external sources is very risky for malware exposure. This can cause problems with the files and systems of your smartphone device.

Use a normal data network whenever possible. This is usually internet package data that you use on a regular basis. Avoid using Wi-Fi as it is highly susceptible to virus infection and poses a phishing risk.

It is always important to update regularly. Because the MOD version will definitely be updated frequently. The newer version is more fully functional, but also guarantees maximum performance.

application features

Get Name App Feature

Performance Get the name app It supports various functions. This feature is attractive for users. In addition to the user-friendly interface for all users, there are some special features:

  1. Secure and encrypted chat function

The security of a cryptographic system is very important, especially when it comes to someone’s contacts. This means that your data as a user may be exposed and known to others who may not be interested.

The link between the tracking number and the identity of the owner is also very important. If you want to chat privately, we guarantee it won’t leak. The risk of chat results being known to others is minimized.

  1. Get someone else’s contact name

For fun, you can pick a random number and then see who it is named after. This is interesting. Find out who has contacted your closest people on foreign or new numbers.

As explained at the outset, Get the name app It can also check your name on other people’s phones. This is a key feature that serves its true purpose very well. And regardless of the device type, all types of HP are compatible and the result is the same.

  1. Caller ID

Do you often receive calls from your personal or new number? You no longer have to wonder who the caller is. You can read the caller’s identity directly using the app.

Many cybercriminals today use the phone. It ends in hypnosis, deception and financial loss. Anything that happens can be tracked down and reported to the police immediately.

  1. anti-spam

Similar to item 3, there is an anti-spam feature. This is a useful feature to prevent phone spam. Therefore, we do not answer calls from personal or unknown numbers.

You cannot make calls even by entering an unverified number. This feature is very useful to avoid the risk of fraud. Currently, there are many hypothetical offers or promotional announcements over the phone.

How to use the Get Names app

How to use the Get Names app

Both Android and iOS can be used immediately once installed on a smartphone device. Here are simple steps to use this apk that you can try easily.

  1. Open the app

First, you need to open the icon that is already on your phone screen. If the installation was completely successful, there should be no problems at this stage. Click on the applicable terms and conditions to continue.

Don’t forget to read first. Please note that the disclaimer is on the first page. But if nothing special, just skip it and log in immediately.

  1. login

After logging in, log in. For the first time, you will need to create a login ID using your email or social media account. You can use the most common facebook or whatever. Check that the user and password have been created correctly.

  1. Confirm

Instantly verify your account for immediate entry. Requests will be made later via WA or Telegram, also via email. Just follow the instructions to get it activated and ready to use right away.

  1. Enter number

Then the essence of use Get the name app Entering numbers in a column. Then click on the tag and for a while the system will work to retrieve information from the number.

The owner or contact name will be known immediately after this last step. Also, to search by new number, simply enter the number in the search field. You can search for anything and there are no restrictions on its use.

Tips to make the application easier to use

Each application has its pros and cons when downloading, installing, or using it. Each user must be wise and prioritized when accessing information relating to others. For your safety, here are some tips for using this virus application.

  1. do a cross check

After you know the results, check with your representative immediately. If it involves the person closest to you (eg a partner), contact them directly. Because there can be misunderstandings that lead to the quality of the relationship.

  1. use it sparingly

Use only when information is needed and important. The original intention was just to be funny, but Get the name app Anything that isn’t personal is of no use.

  1. It’s not about negative things.

Use only for positive purposes. Don’t search for random numbers without a clear purpose. Do not play with other armed people with your contact information and name.

  1. Data Theft Risk Prediction

Find more information about properties and mechanisms getname application. Because anything that uses your personal information to require registration is at risk of data theft.

  1. Use the latest version

The latest version allows you to find the latest features. The user interface may be more comfortable and understandable. Also, avoid problems because the performance of older versions is not optimal.

The mod version has the same quality and working mechanism as the original, but with reduced usage. It is still optimal to use the original version as it is the official version and there is a risk of being blocked during use. getname application.