Daftar Lokasi Service Center iPhone di Indonesia

Record of iPhone Service Middle Places in Indonesia

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So, in the event you suppose there’s a downside along with your iPhone, you possibly can come on to the closest iPhone service heart in your metropolis. Now that it has unfold to many massive cities in Indonesia, except the iPhone is badly broken, it often needs to be despatched to a middle for restore.

The place can I get Apple-certified repairs?

You will get Apple-certified repairs and repair from an Apple Licensed Service Supplier in your metropolis. Why ought to I’m going to the service heart? Sure, as a result of technicians in all these areas are Apple-trained. They’re educated to offer the identical high-quality service and ensure they use real Apple elements. So, for location data, you possibly can contact your nearest ibox or examine the official appleapple.com/id/ web site or under. The total deal with can also be listed.

How lengthy will it take?

For providers which might be often not too difficult as above, they’re carried out by town’s apple technicians, but when the repairs are heavy, they’ll often need to be despatched to a middle. Subsequently, for different processing occasions, the technician should inform the estimated processing time.

iPhone Service Middle Deal with Record

Assaults on iPhone service facilities in Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, and Tangerang

ibox @ Atrium Monday
Jl. Monday Raya 135, Mall Atrium Senen Blok A Lt. Gf #21a , Central Jakarta

Ibox @ Plaza Indonesia [Premium] Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30, Plaza Indonesia Ex Lt. 3 #E06, #E06a, Central Jakarta

Digimap @ Grand Indonesia [Premium] Jl. MH Tamrin No. 1, Grand Indonesia, Skybridge Lt. 2 #Sb2-06, Central Jakarta

iBox @ Menteng Central
Jl. Host Cocoroaminoto No. 78, Menteng Central Lt. 1 #106-109, Central Jakarta

Ibox @ Grand Indonesia
Jl. Mh. Thamrin No. 1, Menteng, Grand Indonesia Lt. LG #36, East Mall, Central Jakarta

ibox @ roxi mas
Jl. good. Hashim Ashari, No. 125, Itc Roxy Mas, Gf #10-11, Central Jakarta

ibox @ Central Park
Jl. Allow. Era S. Parman Kav. 28, Lt.1 #124-125 Central Park Mall, West Jakarta

Ibox @ Mangga Dua Mall
Jl. Mangga Dua Raya, Mangga Dua Mall Lt. 2 #42, Central Jakarta

Mi Gallery @ Mangga Dua Mall
Jl. Mangga Dua Raya, Mangga Dua Mall Lt. 3 #30, Central Jakarta

Ibox @ Mall Ambassador
Jl. Professor Dr. Satrio, Mall Ambassador Lt. 3 #19, South Jakarta

Digimap @ Lotte Buying Avenue
Jl. Professor Dr. Satrio Kav.3-5, Lotte Buying Avenue Lt. 2 #10, Ciputra World 1, South Jakarta

ibox @ kota casablanca [Premium] Jl. Casablanca Raya Cab. 88, Kota Casablanca Mall Lt. LG #67, South Jakarta

Eraphone @ Kota Casablanca
Jl. Casablanca Raya, Kav. 88, Lieutenant LG Unit 47, Kota Kasablanka Mall, South Jakarta

Digimap @ Pacific Place
Jl. Era Sudirman Kav 52-53 Lot 3 & 5, Pacific Place Mall, Scbd, Lt. 3 #31, South Jakarta

ibox @ Ratu Plaza
Jl. Era Sudirman Kab. 9, Ratu Plaza Lt. 1 #08, Central Jakarta,

Digimap @ Emporium Flute [Premium] Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya, Emporium Pluit Mall Lt. 2 #12 & 15, North Jakarta

ibox @ Senayan Metropolis [Premium] Jl. Asia Africa Lot 19, Senayan Metropolis Mall Lt. 4 #29, Central Jakarta, Jakarta 10270

Ibox @ Mall of Indonesia
Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya, Mall Of Indonesia Lt. Gf #D06, North Jakarta

ibox @ Gandaria Metropolis [Premium] Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, 1st Lieutenant of Gandaria Metropolis #189, South Jakarta

ibox @ Baywalk Mall [Premium] Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu, Baywalk Mall Lt. 4 #36, North Jakarta

Ibox @ Mall Kelapa Gading 3
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading Blok M, Mall Kelapa Gading 3 Lt. Base #10-11, North Jakarta

Ibox @ Lippo Mall Kemang [Premium] Jl. Prince Antasari 36, Lippo Mall Kemang Lt. 2 #27, South Jakarta

ibox @ lipo mall puri [Premium] Jl. Puri Indah Raya Blok U1, Lippo Mall Puri Lt. 1 #16, West Jakarta

Story-I @ Chipinang Indah Mall
Jl Raya Kalimalang No. 88, Cipinang Indah Mall, G Ground Unit No.03, East Jakarta

Erapon @ Puri Indah Mall
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah, Lt. 1 No 234, Puri Indah Mall, West Jakarta

Digimap @ Puri Indah Mall [Premium] Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah, Puri Indah Mall Lt. 1 #140, West Jakarta

Digimap @ Pondok Inda Mall 2 [Premium] Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Pondok Indah Mall 2 Gf #10, South Jakarta

ibox @ decide avenue
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk,, Gf #B11, Pik Avenue, North Jakarta

Ibox @ Aeon Mall Jakarta Backyard Metropolis
Jl. Cakung Cilincing Km 0.5, Cakung, Gf – 25, Aeon Mall Jakarta Backyard Metropolis, East Jakarta

iBox @ Silandak City Sq.
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav.17, Cilandak City Sq. Lt. Gf #65, South Jakarta

ibox @ Bintaro Plaza
Jl. Bintaro Utama Sector 3a, Bintaro Plaza Lt. 1 Block D #02a, Pondok Aren, Tangerang

Eraphone @ Megastore Bintaro X Change
Jl. Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, Lt. LG No. 125-126, Bintaro Jaya Xchange, Tangerang

ibox @ grand galaxy park
Jl. Grand Galaxy Boulevard 1, Grand Galaxy Park Lt. Gf #B10-B11, Used

ibox @ Metropolitan Mall
Jl. KHNoer Ali Kalimalang, Metropolitan Mall Lt. 1 #124-125, Bekasi, West Java 17143

Eraphone @ Megastore Mall Metropolitan
Jl. KH Noer Alie 3F 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, Mega Bekasi Hyper Mall, Bekasi, Jakarta 17144

Story Eye @ Mall Alam Sutera [Premium] Jl. Western Silk Highway Kav. 16, Alam Sutera Mall Lt. Gf #46a, Tangerang, Banten 15143

ibox @ Sumarecon Mall Bekasi [Premium] Jl. Bulevard Ahmad Yani, Summarecon Mall Bekasi Lt. Gf #157, Bekasi, West Java 17142

iBox @ Margo Metropolis Depok
Jl. Margonda Raya No. 358, Ug – 22, Margocity Depok, Jakarta 16423

Eraphone @ Megastore Margo Metropolis
Jl. Margonda Raya Depok, Lt. Lg 46-49, Margocity Depok, Jakarta 16424

Eraphone @ Margot Metropolis Depok
Jl. Margonda Raya Depok, Lt. 2 No 47b, Magocity Depok, Jakarta 16423

ibox @ Sumarekon Mall Serpong [Premium] Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong No. 212, Summarecon Mal Serpong Lt. Gf #01b, Tangerang, Banten 15810

Eraphone @ Multibrand Aeon Bsd
Jl. Grand Boulevard BSD Metropolis, Lt. 3 Lot 3 -12, Aeon Mall Bsd, Tangerang, Jakarta 15321

Digimap @ Supermal Karawashi
Jl. 105 Diponegoro Boulevard, Supermal Karawaci Degree Ug #09, Tangerang, Banten 15811

Eraphone @ E-Middle Supermal Karawashi
Jl. Boulevard Diponegoro No. 105, Lieutenant LG No. 3,3a,5,6,7, E-Middle Supermal Karawaci, Tangerang, Jakarta 15810

Eraphone @ Megastore Supermal Karawashi
Jl. Boulevard Diponegoro No. 105, Lieutenant 1 No 32 & 33, Supermal Karawaci, Tangerang, Jakarta 15810

Ibox @ Summarecon Digital Serpong
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, Sumarecon Digital Middle Gf #A11-12, Tangerang, Banten 15810

Digimap @ Aeon Mall Bsd
Jl. Grand Boulevard Bsd Metropolis, Pagedangan Village, Aeon Mall, Gf #71, Tangerang, Banten 15345

Erapon @ Mall Ciputra Citragran Sibubur
Jl. Altematif Cibubur Km.4, Blok S #31 & 32, Ciputra Citragran Mall Cibubur, Bekasi, Jakarta 16720

Digimap @ Mall Citra Gran
Jl. Raya Different Cibubur Cileungsi Km. 4, Ciputra Citra Grand Cibubur Mall Lt. F Unit 28, Cibubur, Jakarta 17435

Story-I @ Ratu Plaza
Jl. Era Sudirman Kab. 9, Central Jakarta, Jakarta 10270

Story-I @ Cibinong Metropolis Mall
Jl. Tegar Religion No.1, Cibinong Metropolis Mall Higher Floor Unit D1, Bogor, West Java 16914

ibox @ Botany Sq.
Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Botani Sq. Lt. 1 #16, Bogor, West Java 16127

Eraphone @ Megastore Taman Palem Pajajaran
Jl. Raya Padjajaran No.21, Sukasari, Bogor, Jakarta 16143

Ibox @ Cilegon Middle Mall
Jl. Ahmad Yani, Gf-04, Cilegon Middle Mall, Cilegon, Banten 42417

iPhone Service Facilities in Balikpapan and Samarinda

Eraphone @ Megastore The Balipapan Plaza
jl.jend sudirman no.1, l1-29, the plaza Balikpapan, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan 76113

ibox @ pentacity mall
jl. Basic Sudirman, no. 47, Pentacity mall, ug #47, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan 76114

Story Eye @ Massive Mall
jl. P. Untung Suropati 8, massive mall samarinda ground ug no.20-21, samarinda, east kalimantan 75126

Bandung iPhone Service Middle

Estore @ Paris Van Java [Premium] Jl. Sukazadi, No. 131-139, Paris Van Java, Resort Degree, B-08, Bandung, West Java 40162

ibox @ Istana Plaza
Jl. Pasir Khaliki No. 121-123, Istana Plaza Lt. Gf #C1, Bandung, West Java 40173

ibox @ Dago
Jl. title. H. Juanda No. 145, Dago, Bandung, West Java 40132

Infinite @ 23 Pascal Bandung
Jl. Pasir Kaliki No.25-27, Lt 2 – 15, 23 Paskal Buying Centre, Bandung, West Java 40181

Eraphone @ Megastore Bandung Digital Middle
Jl. Purnawarman 13-15, Lt Lu Ac 01-06, Bandung Digital Middle 2, Bandung, West Java 40117

ibox @ Bandung Electronics Middle
Jl. 13-15 Purnawarman, Bandung Electronics Middle Lt. LG #Ac-02, Bandung, West Java 40117

Digimap @ Trans Studio Mall Bandung
Jl. Era Gatot Subroto No. 289, Bandung Supermal Lt. 1 #A159, A161, A163, A165, Bandung, West Java 402

iPhone Service Middle in Bali

resume. Mobile World @ Jl. Teku Umar
no. 60 Jl. Teuku Umar, Denpasar, Bali 80113

ibox @ Teku Umar Bali
Teuku Umar Road 182, Denpasar, Bali 80113

Digimap @ Mal Bali Galleria [Premium] Jl. Ngurah Rai Simpang Dewa Ruci, Mal Bali Galeria Lt. 2 #C80-81, Badung, Bali 80361

Ibox @ Lippo Mall Kuta
Jl. Kartika Plaza, Lippo Mall Kuta Lt. LG #66, Badung, Bali 80361

iPhone Service Facilities in Medan and Makassar

Infinity @ Middle Level [Premium] Jl. Java no 1 sure. Gg Buntu, Middle Level Lt. Gf #25, Medan, North Sumatra 20231

ibox @ Repo Plaza Medan
Jl. Imam Bonjol, Lippo Plaza Medan Lt. Ug #12, Medan, North Sumatra 20159

Digimap @ Solar Plaza Medan [Premium] Jl. Hj Zainul Aripin No. 7, Solar Plaza Mall Lt. 2 #C5-6, Medan, North Sumatra 20152

Eraphone @ Megastore Solar Plaza
Jl. H Zainul Arifin No. 7, Lt Lg No. C18, Solar Plaza Medan, Medan, North Sumatra 20152

Eraphone @ Megastore Plaza Medan Honest
Jl. Gatot Subroto No.30, Lt Iv No.17-18, Plaza Medan Honest, Medan, North Sumatra

iBox @ Mall Ratu Indah
Jl. Dr. Sam Ratullan No. 35, Ratu Indah Mall Lt. 2 #225-226, Makassar, South Sulawesi 90132

Erapon @ Panakkukang Mall
Jl. Boulevard Komplek Panakukang Mas, Floor Ground Unit D1 02-03, Mal Panakkukang, Makassar, South Sulawesi 90231

Mi Gallery @ Pannakkang Mall
Jl. Boulevard, Makassar, Panakukang Mall, Degree 2 C3-10, Makassar, South Sulawesi 90222

Me Gallery @ Trans Studio Mall, Makassar
Jl. Hmm. Digi. Patompo, Tanjung Bunga, Trans Studio Mall Lt. LG #A-52, Makassar, South SulawesiN

iPhone Service Facilities in Surabaya and Malang

Digimap @ Tunjungan Plaza 4 [Premium] Jl. Embong Malang No. 7-21, Tunjungan Plaza Iv Lt. 3 #29-32, Surabaya, East Java 60261

Ibox @ Wtc Surabaya
Jl. Youth No. 27-31, Wtc Surabaya Lt. 1 #704, Surabaya, East Java 60263

ibox @ marvel metropolis
Jl. Raya Ngagel No. 123, Marvell Metropolis Mall, Gf #5, Surabaya, East Java 60246

Digimap @ Ciputra World Surabaya [Premium] Jl. Main Sungkono, Ciputra World Surabaya Lt. 2 #46, Surabaya, East Java 60225

Infinity @ Galaxy Mall [Premium] Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Timur 35-37, Galaxy Mall Lt. 3 #308, Surabaya, East Java 60115

Eraphone @ Megastore Galaxy Mall
Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Tmr No 35-37, Lt. 2 No 242 – 245, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, East Java 60285

ibox @ Plaza Marina
Jl. Margorezzo Inda No. 97-99, Plaza Marina Lt. 3 Block Fc.01-Fc.05, Surabaya, East Java 60238

Service Middle iPhone Yogyakarta, Semarang and Solo

ibox @ Plaza Ambarukmo
Jl. Admiral Adiscipto 80, Gf – A9, Plaza Ambarrukmo, Yogyakarta, Central Java 55821

ibox @ lipo plaza jogja
Jl. Admiral Adiscipto 32-34, Lippo Plaza Jogja, Gf #05, Yogyakarta, DI Yogyakarta 55221

ibox @ Hartono Mall
Jl. North Ring Highway Artery, Hartono Mall, L1 #52, Yogyakarta, DI Yogyakarta 55281

ibox @ park solo [Premium] Jl. title. Soekarno Surakarta, The Park Solo Gf #0520, Sukoharjo, Central Java 57552

Story-I @ Malska
Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Mall Ska Gf Ground No.24, Pekanbaru, Riau 28294

Story-I @ Solo Paragon Mall
Jl. 133 Usadipuro, Solo Paragon Mall Lt. 1 Unit 03a, Solo, Central Java 57125

Eraphone @ Multibrand Superstore Solo
Jl Gatot Subroto 123, Kemlyan, Serengan, Solo, Central Java 57151

An inventory of addresses for iPhone service facilities throughout Indonesia. It’s also possible to go to help.apple.com/id-id/iphone/restore/service for data on guarantee claims, iPhone restore occasions, restore prices, and different providers.

Name Middle iPhone Location – Ibox Island Marecon Mall Bekasi –

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