Semarang Bank BRI Branch Address and Phone Number List

Semarang Financial institution BRI Department Handle and Telephone Quantity Listing

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Financial institution Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), a part of a state-owned enterprise (BUMN), is the biggest amongst different state-owned banks. Provided all through Indonesia, the next is a listing of addresses for Financial institution BRI in Semarang area.

Financial institution BRI has branches (KC) and branches (KCP) within the Semarang space, so clients do not need to come back to the department. Coming to the closest BRI KCP, folks can carry out money deposit transactions, money withdrawals, account opening and different necessities.

Semarang Area BRI Financial institution Workplace Handle Listing

The next is a listing of full addresses and cellphone numbers of BRI branches (KC) and sub-branches (KCP) in Semarang area, as summarized within the Google Maps checklist.

Financial institution BRI KC Semarang Pandanaran

Handle: Jl. Pandanaran No.75, Mugassari, Kec. Semarang Sel., Semarang Metropolis, Central Java 50249
Telephone: (024)8412418
Name Middle: BRI 14017 or 021-57987400, 500017

BRI Regional Workplace Semarang

Handle: Jl. Teuku Umar No.24, Jatingaleh, Kec. Candisari, Semarang Metropolis, Central Java 50254
Telephone: (024)8440728

Financial institution BRI Sultan Agung Money Workplace

Handle: Sultan Agung Purchasing Advanced No. 1B, Jalan Sultan Agung, Gajahmungkur, Kec. Gajahmungkur, Semarang Metropolis, Central Java 50232
no. Telephone: (024)8449007

Financial institution BRI Kedongmundu

Handle: Jl. Kedungmundu No.161, Sendang Roast, Kec. Tembalang, Semarang Metropolis, Central Java 50273
Telephone: (024)76745461

BRI Financial institution East Semarang Unit

Handle: Jalan Sriwijaya No. 206, Candi, Candisari, Wonodri, Kec. Semarang Sel., Semarang Metropolis, Central Java 50257
Telephone: (024) 8452764

KCP Mataram Semarang

Handle: Jl. mountain. Haryono, Karangkidul, Kec. Central Semarang, Semarang Metropolis, Central Java 50241
Telephone quantity :

BRI Fatimura Department

Handle: Jl. Patimura No.2 – 4, Reso materials, Kec. Semarang Tim., Semarang Metropolis, Central Java 50227
Telephone: (024)3510244

KC Brigadier Normal Sudiarto

Handle: Jl. Brigadier Normal Sudiarto Km.11, Kel. Pengaron, Ok. Jenuk, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 6709917, 6734421, 6734420
Workplace Code: 0435

KCP Watugong

Handle: Kodam IV Diponegoro Advanced, Watugong, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 7460460 (024) 7460460
Workplace Code: 0515

KC Semarang A. Yani

Handle: Jl A Yani 169, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 8416790/91 (024) 8313287
Workplace Code: 0609

KCP Karangayu

Handle: Jl. Technology Sudirman 174, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 7604065 (024) 7604065
Workplace Code: 0610

KC Slawi

Handle: Jl. Dr. Stormo 3, Slawi Marsh Village
Telephone: (0283) 491395,491885,492770 (0283) 492494
Workplace Code: 0661

KCP Pierre Tangdin

Handle: Jl. Captain Pierre Tangdant No. 25, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 3510876 (024) 3510876
Workplace Code: 0677

KCP Mojo Pahit

Handle: Jl. Mazapahit 382, ​​Semarang
Telephone: (024) 6708939
Workplace Code: 0678

KCP Diponegoro

Handle: Plaza Setiabudi Purchasing Advanced, Ruko no. 6 Jln Setiabudi no 119-B, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 7475806
Workplace Code: 1006

KCP Kedongmundu

Handle: Jl. Raya Kedungmundu Raya No. 161, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 76745461
Workplace code: 1007

KCP Hamka

Handle: Jl. Professor Dr. Hamka, Ngalyan, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 7613970
Workplace code: 1058

KCP Krangan

Handle: Jl Gang Pinggir Np. 36.A, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 3563272
Workplace code: 1109

KCP Metro Plaza

Handle: Metro Plaza Blok A. 7, Jl MT Haryono 970 Semarang
Telephone: (024) 8313571
Workplace code: 1110

KCP Trogosari

Handle: Jl Tlogosari Raya 1 no.68, Blok B1, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 76744280
Workplace code: 1138

KCP Unnes

Handle: Unnes Campus, Sekaran, Gunung Pati, Semarang
Telephone: (024)86455525
Workplace code: 1270

KCP Puri Anjasumoro

Handle: Puri Anjasmoro Kav. F No.1 Kec. West Semarang, Semarang
Telephone: (024)7618555
Workplace Code: 1369

KCP Elephant

Handle: Jl. Gajah Raya No.10, Kel. Siwalan, Kec. Gaamsari, Semarang
Telephone: (024) 76745635
Workplace Code: 2096

A listing of addresses and cellphone numbers of Financial institution BRI’s branches, growth branches and money places of work in Semarang. We’re sorry if there may be an error within the deal with entry, and when you’ve got details about a brand new or relocated workplace, please tell us within the feedback part and we’ll replace it. Thanks.

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