Aplikasi Drakor Id Buat Pengalaman Menonton Lebih Seru

The Drakor Id application makes your viewing experience even more exciting.

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Those of you who like Korean dramas know this. Drama ID, a special application that helps Korean drama lovers get the latest viewing information. Now all you need is a mobile phone with internet connection to enjoy the exciting show.

There are so many interesting aspects to the work of this ginseng country that it’s not surprising that more and more people want to watch Korean dramas. It starts with various genres and wraps the story, making the audience immersed in the drama.

Popularity of App Draco ID

App Draco ID

Uniquely and interestingly, this application can be downloaded for free from the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Just download and you will get the chance to watch the Korean drama you want.

This application is growing rapidly and has become a hot topic in print media in 2022. To date, millions of people have downloaded this app and rated it with a 4.6 rating for Android users rather than iOS users.

This application is specially designed for users of portable devices such as smartphones. The file size is also relatively small, so you don’t need any special free space when planning to download the app.

Now you don’t have to search the site in search engines to watch Korean dramas. just download Drama ID Then, find the title of the drama you want to watch, and spend your free time watching your favorite drama to the end.

full functionality of the application

id draco features

Providing all the conveniences of watching Korean dramas, this application also provides a variety of modern features. Viewers can enjoy the following features when installing the app on their device:

  1. There is an Indonesian subtitle function that appears automatically when you open various drama titles. No need to root or download subtitles separately. You can already use the automatic subtitles feature.
  2. In addition to relying on your internet connection for your online viewing system, you can also download movies and dramas from: Drama ID Then watch offline. This step is more efficient by minimizing the use of data packages.
  3. There are various screen resolution options that the user can adjust. For the best picture quality, choose Ultra HD. The rest can be tailored to your phone specifications and a smooth internet connection.
  4. There is a place to manually search for drama titles. For example, if you want to watch Crash Landing on You, enter the full title of the drama in the search field. Then the appropriate search results will appear.
  5. Finally, we always have the latest drama updates, so you can stay up to date. Drama ID.

There are many similar applications that provide a place to watch Korean dramas as well as Western dramas, Chinese dramas, and Indonesian dramas. But especially for those who like Korean dramas, this application is best for you. This is because the subtitles are automatically provided in Indonesian.

Drakor ID application development

drama id app

name drama id app
developer Draco India App
version v1.3
support Android 4+
price free
android app click here
iOS app maintain

It has been revealed that the applications currently targeting Korean drama lovers are first released in the form of sites or websites. After moving here, I finally made a version of the application in an easier way to watch dramas.

In the past, if it was still a site format for subtitles, you had to download it separately and now just open the application and it will automatically start watching with Indonesian subtitles. There are many advantages Drama ID in the app version.

The process of getting it is also very easy. Open the Play Store and App Store, then download the application. This app is legit, so you don’t need to allow strangers to access your device settings. We guarantee that there is no risk of being banned.

One thing to keep in mind when installing applications on your device is to make sure you have enough space to store your files. Then, when watching a movie, make sure you have a good internet connection and that your battery is fully charged and not running out of battery.

As supporters, you can provide snacks and drinks to accompany while watching your favorite Korean drama. After you decide to watch Korean dramas, you can get a lot of convenience from this application on your phone.

Advantages of Drakor ID

As well as presenting to facilitate the need for watching Korean dramas, this application has advantages and disadvantages. So that you won’t be surprised when you install the application on your device, let’s summarize the various advantages and disadvantages of the application.

Starting with the benefits, here are the many positive benefits you can get from this free viewing application:

  1. It is unique and interesting because it is equipped with a soundtrack download function or drama ost. You must have fallen in love with the song that is the drama OST. Now you can continue to remember the drama of the ost download.
  2. Local TV services in Korea available in the app Drama ID. This means that in addition to watching various movie and series titles, you can only update local Korean TV shows in Indonesia, including Kpop idol gossip shows.
  3. It turned out that he not only watched, but also communicated well with the assigned manager. If you run into any problems or have any questions, you can immediately contact your on-duty manager.
  4. The size of the application is relatively small as it only takes up 4 MB of storage space. Even low-end phones can be used with this one app.

Based on various advantages, which is the most reliable and what makes them different? there’s always a reason Drama ID It has become a popular application for Korean drama lovers, especially Indonesian spectacle connoisseurs.

Disadvantages you can get

Of course, in addition to the many advantages, there are also disadvantages. Knowing the benefits will neutralize your views.

So I know the downside. Below are various disadvantages of applications that you can consider before downloading them to your phone.

  1. The free definition obviously only applies to streaming. However, if your goal is to download dramas, you can only download 1 episode per day, the rest are not free.
  2. It’s a free app, so if you watch Korean dramas, you’ll see a lot of annoying ads.
  3. A variety of packages are available, one of which is a free viewing package. Drama ID. The downside to free servers is that the internet connection there is sometimes slow and often buffers while watching.
  4. For some series, subtitles are often not in a comfortable position to view. Also, if you pay attention to the sentence structure, it looks odd as if the translator was Google Translate.
  5. What’s problematic is that not only the subtitles, but the player audio of the series also turns out to be of poor quality to users of the free package.
  6. Some dramas offer less sharp resolution to make your eyes less comfortable during the time the movie doesn’t end.

His name is free, and it is natural that he lacks in every aspect. The many advantages cannot be denied Drama ID You can watch Korean series and movies more easily. Also, the application is legal and safe to use.

Best Korean Dramas of 2022

Every year, Korean Ginseng Guk presents a series, reality show, and film along with successful publications abroad. Indonesia is one of the connoisseurs of various spectacle genres in Korea.

There is a record that there are many spectacle recommendations worth watching in 2022. The following list summarizes the show titles.

  1. our blues

Our Blues presents a storytelling style with different perspectives and different issues. Every few episodes of Our Blues Drama ID He will change the main character for every problem he has.

Blues meaning sadness, as the title suggests, always reveals the sad side of various characters. Among them, you can see the acting skills of Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah, who compete in acting on different themes.

  1. business proposal

A business proposal starring the male lead, Ahn Hyo-seop, once swept Indonesia’s top 10 shows. The genre of the story is a romantic comedy, in which not only the main character who makes him laugh, but also the second lead is not inferior.

In Episode 6 too, you will successfully fall in love with the two second protagonists who become friends of the two main characters. Like most Korean drama endings Drama IDThis drama also has a happy ending.

  1. thirty nine

Thirty Nine is a work that depicts the friendship of a woman in her 40s who have been together since high school. Here, you can meet the interesting performances of Seo Ye-ji, Jeon Mi-do, and Kim Ji-hyun.

The content will be closer to everyday life and will take you to the story from the point of view of each troubled character. Even in a light spectacle, there is a surprise in every episode, but the meaning is deep.

  1. tomorrow

The genre of this story is fantasy, one of which is played by Rowoon as a soul mate, the Grim Reaper. Interesting points when showing Korean dramas Drama ID It is to change the impression of a scary grim reaper into a handsome and attractive impression.

Another unique aspect of this story is that it saves other people from coma for several months and creates humans who are hired by their souls as angels of death. You can also see how a group of Grim Reapers saves a dog from suicidal thoughts.

  1. shooting star

For those who miss and love Lee Sung-kyung’s acting, now is the time to appease the longing by watching the shooting stars. The Bible plays a friend who secretly likes his friend.

It turned out that luck came to that friend and he became an idol in Korea. The Bible went through a lot until she was finally able to have a crush on her. She never fails in biblical acting, so she has to watch. Drama ID.

And there is a list of more Korean dramas that you can watch for free in this application. What we’ve mentioned is just a series that doesn’t include movies and reality shows of various genres. What Korean TV shows do you prefer to watch?

The success of ginseng filmmakers can be achieved worldwide thanks to their acting skills that have been shown since childhood. Especially in the case of boy and girl groups, it is not surprising that many fans can debut to the public because they practice in the new year.

Anyway, those who love Korean dramas don’t have to worry anymore. You can now watch it for free via: Drama ID A cell phone is enough.