Apa itu clubhouse?  Aplikasi populer hanya di iPhone

What is a clubhouse? Popular apps only on iPhone

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Recently, the mention of ‘club house’ on social media has become a hot topic, but it is getting crowded and artists are using it, raising the curiosity of many netizens. What exactly is a clubhouse application? And how do I register?

the beginning of a crowd of users clubhouse app The richest person in the world today is because Elon Musk flaunts his account, and many other famous artists like Drake, Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Hart are actively using it. Finally, it is widely discussed in Indonesia.

What is a clubhouse?

This clubhouse is one of the new social media based on voice chat or audio chat. This Clubhouse application is from USA and was only established in 2020, currently only available for iOS/iPhone devices as Clubhouse is not yet available on Google Play Store service.

Now you can use this clubhouse application to listen to voice conversations, interviews and even live voice groups between clubhouse users. There is no function to save the results of live conversations as before, so the results of conversations are not saved or lost when you have live conversations with other users.

Another thing clubhouse users can do is ask them to join the conversation using the ‘raise hand’ feature. Live forum creators can then accept joint discussion entry or decline requests to join.

Clubhouse Application Details

This clubhouse was officially launched in March 2020 and was only available to select people with an invite system at the time. Alpha Exploration Co is the company that developed this Clubhouse application, and the social media service is considered successful as in just two months after launch, Clubhouse has raised $12 million in investment, raising the company’s value to $100 million. There were only 1500 users.

How do I register for a Clubhouse account?

How to Register for the Clubhouse App

Wondering how to sign up for Clubhouse and create an account after being busy on social media? To do that, please listen carefully, and Android smartphone users are only available for iPhone in the Clubhouse, so please do not rush and wait.

Up to now, there are over 2 million Clubhouse users, and you cannot download the registration method directly from the App Store. people.

For more information, you can directly access the official website joinclubhouse.com which will later lead to the iOS App Store.

The Clubhouse is a place where you can chat with your friends and interesting people from all over the world in a relaxed and comfortable voice. You can always connect to the internet to chat with people you follow, or log in as a listener to hear what others are saying, just like listening to a podcast.